Varicose Veins & Thread Veins

Mr Birchley has been in practice as a Consultant for over ten years in Exeter. He is fully trained in the assessment of venous disease including the use of bedside ultrasound scanning. He is expert in both surgical and endovenous (catheter and foam) treatment of varicose veins and injection sclerotherapy.

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Venous Surgery
Foam Sclerotherapy

Venous Patients
Our Promises to You

  • Comprehensive assessment by an expert Consultant Vascular Surgeon
  • Detailed ultrasound scan at the initial consultation
  • Full discussion of your concerns and aspirations
  • Outcome individualised to you:
    • Advice only if most appropriate
    • Transfer to Mr Birchley’s NHS service if appropriate
    • Clinic-based treatment (catheter / foam)
    • Surgery under anaesthesia
  • Guaranteed 24/7 access to Mr Birchley direct by email for advice and support
  • Clear pricing